About Monster Appliances

At Monster Appliances we have a range of steam cleaning products designed to simplify housework and change the way you clean forever! We manufacture steam mopssteam cleaners, including a hand held steam cleaner, and steam iron products. Monster’s ‘pressurised boiler technology,’ makes our steam hotter and drier than any other steam cleaner in Australia. Monster Steam Cleaners are more cost effective than traditional cleaning, and safer for the environment and your home. We know what’s important to you, so make the right choice for your family, and choose a Monster.

Monster Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners by Monster Appliances are economical and easy to use around the home. Our hand held steam cleaner and compact steam cleaner are both light weight and easy to maneuver when steam cleaning. The boiler produces hotter, drier steam to effortlessly lift dirt when cleaning surfaces and fixtures around the home. Take a look at our range of steam cleaners and simplify your housework today!

Monster Steam Mops

Floor steam cleaners have been used in professional environments to create streak free floors & provide a deeper clean. Now, with a Monster steam mop, you can have professional results in your home! Monster steam mops in Australia are the superior alternative to regular mops. The powerful steam produced by a Monster steam mop cleans all hard sealed floors, even water sensitive timber thanks to Monster’s hotter and drier steam. More importantly Monster steam mops in Australia have an energy efficient design, saving you time and money. At Monster Appliances we specialise in STEAM, so for expert knowledge chat with us today about floor steamers for your home.

Monster Steam Irons

Steam irons in Australia are one of the most popular household appliances available. Monster steam irons have exceptional steam pressure that penetrates deep into the fabric to remove wrinkles twice as fast as regular irons. For professional results purchase a Monster steam iron.

We believe in the power of cleaning an entire home safely and efficiently with steam cleaning. Our steam mops, steam cleaners and steam irons combine a stylish Italian design with advance technology to simplify household chores. For more information about our steam cleaners in Australia and a full product list, contact Monster Appliances by Euroflex , and change the way clean forever!